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    Product Introduction

    Perfect supplementary workout tool to train and exercise your muscles. Rotating handles allows you to perform various workouts for different parts of your body. 

    Bounce back resistance to help you exercise continuously and finish your sets before you know it. Tone and tighten your muscles in all areas, such as: arms, thighs, legs and chest.


    --Rotating Handles

    Rotatable handles to adjust its shape and direction to accommodate your comfort level and needs for different exercise.


    Bounces back when there’s no pressure pushing on it, constant resistance can help you exercise continuously and finish your sets before you know it.


    Tone and tighten your muscles in all areas, such as: arms, thighs, legs and chest. 



    Withstand strong force and extreme workouts effortlessly.

    --Thick Foam

    Gentle and soft on the skin, made to help you exercise with extreme comfort. 



    Color: Purple, Blue, Grey, Pink 

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